7.28 MHz 3 pin Resonator

7.28 MHz 3 pin Resonator
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7.28MHz Ceramic Resonator

Three terminal resonator for use in VXO oscillators in such projects as the Beach Transceiver

7.28 MHz Frequency

.5% Tolerance

.3% stability

Tunes over a wide frequency range with 100 pf capacitor a shift of 7036KHz - 7284KHz is expected will verify when parts arrive, do not use the center pin.

Note that for a lower top frequency, put a fixed small polystyrene capacitor in parallel with the adjustable capacitor, which can be made smaller.

This part is now discontinued and I can no longer get them from an authorized distributor, so to prevent commercial interest from buying out all the stock sales are limited to Qty of 10. Currently I'm looking for a substitute. I'm in discussion with a manufacturer for a two lead part which is better as it has no internal capacitors, hopefully it will work out and if it does the prices will be lowered, right now I'm asking for samples so I can check them out.

Discounts available for Qty 3, 5, 10 or more.

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