KSC1173YTU NPN Power Transistor

KSC1173YTU NPN Power Transistor
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KSC1173YTU NPN Power Transistor


TO220 Case

PD 10W

Vce 30V

IC 3 Amps

Hfe 110 @ .5A

Ft 100Mhz

Very good gain, and excellent linearity, same as the 2SC1173 transistor, excellent price versus performance ratio.

Low base to emitter resistance, good for use as a grounded base amplifier.

Useful as a linear power amplifier from Audio to 30 MHz, higher if used in a common base amplifier. Note that 10M you will need decent drive to make the transistor deliver full power.

Price of $2.55 at RF Parts, we are a lot cheaper.

Sorry, but this is the last available lot, these devices are no longer available from my distributors.

Link to a 17M 10W linear amplifier

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