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This site list small Computer and Radio Parts

I will over March 2014 will be adding many additional parts that are currently in stock but not listed on this website, I will also be changing the categories so certain parts are easier to find.

Current Events:

The 2014 Postal Rate increases have been entered.

I'm just back from Ozarkcon, now I have the task or setting up the parts back so I can find them, oh what joy. Results from Ozarkcon where not as expected, a whole day to pack up the store, another day to put it back, all for $18 in sales. I will need to seriouly think about any future participation at a hamfest.

On 2/27/2014 I made major changes to the shipping modules to make it easier to select shipping methods, if there is a problem with shipping expenses I reserve the right to ask for additional funds to cover the error.


Postal Holidays, days on which I can't ship orders.

At http://www.svn.k5nwa.com/tpp you will find data and application notes on the current parts and parts I'm considering adding to this website. Right click on the file of interest and select save.

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